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Site NewsThought I’d pop in and give a general overview of what’s going on here in the Presence province of

Aside from the launch of Splash of Color Designs in December (which is still being tweaked and added to). There have been a few projects under-way or in the works.

A couple of them are kind of big deals.

One of those is a stock tracking site for day traders that I’ve been working on with a friend of mine (who came up with the idea). You’ll be seeing a lot more about that soon as we’re getting ready for the PR push leading up to  launch.

Another is a partnership with a film project and production company that’ll be producing their second fan film for charity. That’s possibly a multi-webside deal with some other fun thrown in. More on that when all the details are worked out.

Coming up are a few smaller sites: more for my friend Carrie (Splash of Color), a site for a lawyer who’s moving to the area and setting up his own practice, sites and social media for a local band or two.

I’m also about to release the first special report from, focusing on five ways you can improve your business right now. That will kick off a push to complete a handful of training and information courses that I’ve been outlining and thinking about for well over a year.

Expect case studies on most of those as they launch and play out. Expect more detailed announcements as new things happen.

There’s still space for you!

Even with all that going on, I still have a few spaces left for new clients in my calendar. So if you or anyone you know needs a website, social media plans, or is just curious to learn more about how a good presence can improve your business, drop me a line.

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