30 Minutes to a Better Business

30 Minutes to a Better BusinessWe’ve all heard the saying “Time is money,” right?

If there’s only a certain amount of time in a day (24 hours), that should mean that the amount of money you can make in a day is limited.

Obviously, that’s exactly not the case. Otherwise there wouldn’t be people pulling in hundreds of thousands of dollars a day while barely doing anything with others barely making ends meet while working 18 hour days.

So what’s the deal with that?

I think it comes back to another old adage: Work smarter, not harder.

It’s the ability to be clever about our business practices that allows one business owner to make more money in less time than another. Being clever is mostly about how you use your time.

Can 30 Minutes Make a Difference?

As part of my normal process when working with potential clients, I sit down and talk with them a little about their business–what they have planned, what they’re already doing, how hard they’re working. That’s my standard Presence session and it takes about half an hour. At the end of that time, I decide if I can help them get what they want and they decide if they want me to help them.

During those 30 minutes, there are invariably a handful of things I see right away that they can be doing to improve their business. Since my main focus has been on getting people set up online, most of those improvements have been directed toward tweaks to their websites and social media plans. Regardless of whether they become clients or not, I’ll always let them know what some of those things are… after all, my goal is to help people out (because better businesses are better for everyone).

Usually there’s another set of insights that come up, too. Ideas of ways that they can work smarter, increase their revenue, and really make use of a lot of assets they already have.

Ideas to develop their business. To get more money for their time.

In that single 30 minute span, it’s possible to set the groundwork for amazing growth.

Fresh Perspective

One of the best ways to inject some new ideas into your business is to get a new brain involved. Even better is to get one from outside of your industry.

Someone who hasn’t been fighting the same day to day battles, listening to the same experts repeat the same tips again and again, and hasn’t had all the same experiences you’ve had can bring in ideas that you probably wouldn’t have come up with. This is the thought behind a lot of cross-industry mastermind groups or cross-training programs in larger companies.

The more diverse the pool of experience, the better the chance for a new idea that can really make a difference.

Outside consultants (like me) bring just that sort of “outside” brain to the game.

The thing is, many charge a good bunch of money for any ideas they come up with. After all, their main goal is to make money. Why would they give stuff away for free?

Creating Better Business

One of my goals with Presence (and, really, Durosia.com as a whole) has been to encourage excellence in many areas of life. Business is one of those. For many entrepreneurs and small business owners, life and business are intertwined.

When one is be improved, the other usually gets better, too.

If in 30 minutes we can come up with just one idea that helps you create a better business, then I’m happy I’ve made a difference.

That’s why the initial 30 minute Presence session is always free. If you want to keep me around to help you implement or further develop a plan (leaving you more time to focus on what you do best), then we can start talking about that investment. Otherwise, there’s no obligation and you get the ideas to do with as you wish.


Do you want to improve your business? Are you willing to take just half an hour–at no additional cost–to figure out how you can? If so, you can sign up for a Presence session.

I look forward to helping you develop business.

Ready to grow your business?
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