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Over the years, I’ve met a lot of people. Now, a lot of them are getting to the point in their lives when they’re really setting out on their own and digging into the creative projects they always wanted to do. My former next door neighbor from my home town is now officially one of those people. After a bunch of years in the military, he’s set out to make a name for himself in the creative fields. First up, photography.
C. Michael Thomas Home Page

C. Michael Thomas Home Page

The Client

C. Michael Thomas, photographer, writer, filmmaker, actor, and veteran.

The Situation

After spending some time back in our home town, and then some more time bouncing around Europe, CMT decided to head out West and take LA by storm. Part of that included getting a bit of a web presence set up so people could find him. As luck would have it, a bunch of his photos ended up in a show back in New York just as he was getting on the road. He dropped me a line and we decided he should start out with a photography website.

The Criteria

I’d gotten him set up on Flickr a while back, so we figured it would be best if he didn’t have to re-upload photos for use on the new site. Other than that, he wanted to keep it simple and straightforward… a base to build from as time went on.

The Solution

This is the sort of project that WordPress is made for.

Working off of my preferred Genesis Platform, building out the custom theme was quick and easy. All of the gallery “heavy lifting” is handled by the Awesome Flickr Gallery plugin, which pulls the images right from Flickr in pretty much any way you’d ever want. Even better, since all the images are managed in Flickr, he can add or remove pics from the galleries without ever logging in to WordPress.

Aside from the gallery pages, there was just a need for an “about” page and a contact form.

A couple rounds of quick style and spacing tweaks later and a quick content edit, and the site was up and running.

Looking Ahead

Focusing on photography was only a start for CMT. With the gallery show going on, it was the logical place to start. He plans on expanding it with some headshots of his own so he can better pursue some acting gigs. Further down the road, anything is possible.

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