Just a Quick Update

Site NewsIt’s been quiet here on the Presence blog for a while. Mostly because I’ve been hard at work on a few projects that should be seeing the light of day soon.


A hunk of April and May was taken up with a volunteer project I did, helping out the local Silver Spring Citizen’s Advisory Board with their annual Taste the World in Fenton Village event. I built them out a quick website and helped wrangle some of the social media angles on things, bringing a bunch of new fans and interaction on the Fenton Village Facebook page.

Leading up to Memorial Day weekend, I managed the Facebook side of the Don’t Fry Day social media campaign for the National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention. In just around a month we added over 300 new fans and saw a viral spread of the Don’t Fry Day message that topped out at nearly 200%.


I’ve also been helping out the company I used to work for by doing some pretty heavy duty website testing for a few of their projects. I can’t tell you how important it is to get multiple sets of eyes and hands on a site–especially a complex site–before you let it out in the world. I’m happy I’m able to help them out so they can continue to produce some top-quality, very complex, sites.

Then there’s the ongoing independent film project I’m helping out with. Z*Con is the newest project from Big Damn Films who made a bit of name for themselves a couple years back by doing the impossible and raising over $113,000 for charity with Browncoats: Redemption. We’ve got some neat stuff planned for that project, so there will definitely be more coming in the future.

Coming up this week/month, I’ll be building out the website for a new DC area law practice and a site for a fledgling non-profit organization that focuses on teens with mental and emotional problems based out of New York City.


I’m also hard at work on a couple of training programs that small and medium businesses can use to get themselves up to speed on the available technology. It never ceases to amaze me how many places still don’t have websites they update regularly or a social media presence (if you have a physical location and don’t manage your own FourSquare check-in profile, you’re missing out on some great demographic info).

Still Space for You

Even with all that going on, I’m still looking for a few more clients. So if you’re looking to revamp or launch your website, plan, implement or manage a social media campaign, or figure out how to make more money from the information and knowledge you already have, drop me a line. We can talk.

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Hi, I'm Kier. I've been on the web since there's been a web to be on. In that time I've used it to tell stories--both my own and other people's--and help numerous organizations and businesses find their niche while making the best use of available technology.