Why does your business need a Facebook page?

Facebook has been around for a while now and, if you’ve been paying attention, they recently made some pretty big changes to how their business pages work.

Some businesses are still struggling with getting their pages looking good and working well with the new setup. Those businesses that have taken full advantage of the new opportunities afforded by the recent redesign are doing quite well.

But why put the time and effort into Facebook? After all, you may have heard that big brands like Coke haven’t been able to make a lot of money via Facebook… what hope does a small business have?

Well, that’s just the thing–small businesses convert better on Facebook than big businesses do. That has everything to do with how you interact with your fan base. Small businesses are just more used to being personable than giant megacorporations are. That feel carries through to their online presence (at least if they’re doing it right).

Bottom line is, if you’re not making proper use of your business’s Facebook page, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Check out some of the numbers in this infographic and then share it with others who need to know…

Why your business needs a Facebook page

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