The Importance of Good Web Design

When you’re getting your business started, you hear how important it is to have a website. So, on the cheap, you get one up and running.

Maybe you’ve used an out-of-the-box template. Maybe you’ve shelled out a few bucks to get someone else to put it together. Maybe you spent a whole lot of money on it a few years back but haven’t looked at it since.

There are a lot of reasons websites end up “bad.” The good news is, even a bad website is better than none most of the time. The better news is, it’s comparatively easy to update and improve your website.

Why make the effort, though? The following infographic hits on some of the key things that make a good website not only a good idea, but a solid part of your business’s online presence. A good website can be a great asset and a key part of both your lead generation and customer retention engines.

Take a look at the info below and share it with everyone you think could stand to improve their business a little.

The Importance of Good Web Design

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