The Importance of Mobile Websites

There’s no doubt any more that smartphones are here to stay.

There are currently over one billion smartphones in use worldwide. Look around the next time you’re walking down any street and you’ll see that people are using them all the time. Not just for talking, but for checking in to places (probably via FourSquare), looking for places to go (maybe via Yelp! or a Google search), and making plans with their friends (via Twitter, Facebook, email, or text message).

Most regular websites resize oddly on mobile devices. Those that are built with Flash won’t show up at all, at least not in a functional way. So if a business doesn’t have a mobile-ready website, people can’t properly find them or interact with them on their smartphones.

The same holds true for tablets.

Here’s a little infographic that goes a little more into the details of the mobile landscape when it comes to devices and websites. If you’re looking to be in touch with the most potential customers, these are important things to take into consideration.

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The Importance of Mobile Websites

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