The Facebook Fraud That’s Not Quite That

social-media-synthesis“It may be a huge waste of time to try to market your arts on Facebook,” said a friend of mine after reading and watching some stuff like this video.

Actually, no, it’s not a huge waste of time.

It also shouldn’t be the only thing you do.

Facebook has shown it’s good for creating and maintaining some form of community… for bringing fans together. However, it has not shown a lot of strength when it comes to sales conversions. And the success at bringing in new, active, fans heavily depends on how active your existing fans are.

Active fans will make sure they see and share what you post (as long as what you post is worth sharing). Those organic results are more likely to get you more active fans… but they won’t be seeing the stuff directly from you, they’ll be seeing it from their friends.

There are also various post types that tend to gain more traction. Pictures do better than text. Video is starting to do better than pictures in some cases. (We’ll have to see how this “autoplay” thing works out.)

There’s also a huge difference between mobile users and desktop users. Know where your fans are and how they prefer to interact and you can better target stuff.

More importantly, don’t rely just on FB (or Twitter or your website). Every medium works best when used in parallel with others. Multi-channel messages. Stats still show that the most powerful online medium is still email… so, gather the email addresses of your fans. Send them messages there, about stuff you’ve posted on FB, and ask them to share it via FB and Twitter… and with their friend in the next cube over at work.

Suddenly, things start working a whole lot better.

The evidence in that video, while accurate, is far from precise enough to discredit an actual, sensible, full-fledged marketing campaign.

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