Five Ways to Grow Your Business Income

While there may be thousands of ways to improve your business overall, there are only a handful of ways to really grow the income of your business. Five come to mind quite quickly.

5 Principles to Make Your Business Better Now

Last time, I shared a little about how taking just 30 minutes to sit down and talk about possibilities could lead to a better, more profitable business. This time around, I’m going to outright give you five principles to start with. The new report I’ve put together for you covers five of the biggest concepts […]

30 Minutes to a Better Business

We’ve all heard the saying “Time is money,” right? If there’s only a certain amount of time in a day (24 hours), that should mean that the amount of money you can make in a day is limited. Obviously, that’s exactly not the case. Otherwise there wouldn’t be people pulling in hundreds of thousands of […]

Since Antarctica – Redesign for Album Launch

The Client Since Antarctica, a DC area rock band. The Situation After over a year of playing gigs and crafting original tunes, the band spent some time in the studio a few months ago to lay tracks for their first album. While they already have a decent local fan following on Facebook and had a […]

Splash of Color Designs – A Full Ecommerce Site in About a Week

Every now and then, odd circumstances present themselves and the near-impossible has to be done. In this case, it involved building a full ecommerce site from scratch so it could be ready to take some orders for Christmas gifts. Not that much of a problem if the request had come in around October. That, of course, wasn’t the case here. Nope, the request came in right at the beginning of December.