The Facebook Fraud That’s Not Quite That

“It may be a huge waste of time to try to market your arts on Facebook,” said a friend of mine after reading and watching some stuff like this video. Actually, no, it’s not a huge waste of time. It also shouldn’t be the only thing you do. Facebook has shown it’s good for creating […]

The Importance of Being Seen

If you’re going to be running a business, you need people to know about it. How well you’re known–and what people know you for–is a key component to your success. Some people have issues with this. They’re afraid to step into the spotlight. Worried that something they say will be misunderstood. Concerned about what people […]

Reputation Management and Marketing

Before people know who you are, reputation is everything. Online, the good and the bad stick with you for ages. (Seriously, go browse through some Google Plus Local pages of businesses and you’ll see “recent” reviews from two years ago, sometimes older, as the most visible things on the page.) That stickiness makes it exceptionally […]

So Much To Do…

Getting everything for a new business up and running–even if you’ve been tinkering with it for months (or years)–leaves you with a lot of stuff piled high on your plate. That, of course, gets overwhelming if you let it. Over the last few days, I’ve been reminded what that’s like and how difficult it can […]