Google Plus

Google PlusGoogle Plus is the newest social network on the block and combines aspects of Twitter and Facebook, giving users a platform for both short form and long form communication.

Recently open for businesses, it offers business owners another place to connect with their customers. Slightly different than Facebook in the way it lets you add (and be added) to groups, Google Plus requires new ways of thinking about business/customer interaction.

Google Plus is growing quickly. In the first four months of its semi-public test run, more than 20 million users signed up and began sharing information with one another. Now that businesses will be driving more of the network–and connecting with their Google search results–things will really take off.

Without a doubt, it will be the next big place for businesses to be.

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Presence @ is already keeping an eye on what Google Plus is offering businesses like yours. We’ll be able to get you up and running quickly and easily, integrating Google Plus into your overall business and social media strategy.

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