Facebook Pages Update: What it means for your business

Well, today’s the day… if you haven’t taken the time to update your business Facebook page, it’s going to automatically switch over to the new Timeline style. Even though it’s last minute, it’s not too late to put together something that can look good. The two main bits you’re going to get squared away are […]

30 Minutes to a Better Business

We’ve all heard the saying “Time is money,” right? If there’s only a certain amount of time in a day (24 hours), that should mean that the amount of money you can make in a day is limited. Obviously, that’s exactly not the case. Otherwise there wouldn’t be people pulling in hundreds of thousands of […]

Here There By Dragons – The Ever Changing World of Social Media

Jay Baer over at Convince & Convert, recently wrote an article talking about how even social media professionals are overwhelmed by the options available to them. The technology and techniques are in a constant state of update and it’s difficult for even the most dedicated social media professional to keep on the cutting edge. As […]

Even Facebook Sees Mobile as the Future

Out there in the world there are a lot of places where computers aren’t quite as ubiquitous as they are here in the U.S. Cell phones, however, are everywhere. And, with each passing year, smart phones creep into more and more of that market space. It’s a mobile world and all the movers and shakers […]