2012 Year (or World) End Specials

If the End Is Near...Everyone’s talking like it’s the end of the world. Even worse, they’re saying it like it’s a bad thing!

Right now, if you think everything’s going to end, what have you got to lose by finally taking the leap and living your dreams?

We can help with that.

Chances are, the world won’t end on Dec 21 (and if you’re reading this after then, well, we were right). That means you’ll still need to pay bills and somehow make a living. If you’ve already got a business, you can aim to increase your revenue. If you’ve been talking about starting a business, you may as well make the leap now… things aren’t going to get any easier.

From now until the end of 2012 (however soon that may be) Presence @ Durosia.com is running a special offer that can save you up to 25% (or more) on the services we offer.

  • Websites as low as $372.
  • Social media packages as low as $187 per month.
  • Customer retention and reputation marketing packages starting at $187 per month.

And, as always, you can have a totally free Presence Session to help assess and focus your businesses online assets.

To take advantage of these and other (unannounced) deals, contact Presence @ Durosia.com today.