Even Facebook Sees Mobile as the Future

Out there in the world there are a lot of places where computers aren’t quite as ubiquitous as they are here in the U.S.

Cell phones, however, are everywhere. And, with each passing year, smart phones creep into more and more of that market space.

It’s a mobile world and all the movers and shakers in the tech industry know it. Even one of the absolute biggest, Facebook, is looking to the mobile market as it’s future interface of choice.

According to an article over at TechCrunch, Facebook Mobile Chief Erick Tseng said:

“It’s interesting that if you take a look at our top line of growth, we’re getting to the point that the countries we’re getting into now are ones that don’t really use computers at all. The predominant ways people are connecting in Africa, in India, is through their mobile devices. As Mark touched on a few days ago, we now have over 350 million mobile users. Within another year or two, we’ll be a mobile company, with 1/2 mobile users.”

If that’s not a big signpost, I don’t know what it.

Now the question for any business owner–or anyone planning on starting a business–to ask is: How am I going to reach those mobile users?

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