The Importance of Good Web Design

When you’re getting your business started, you hear how important it is to have a website. So, on the cheap, you get one up and running. Maybe you’ve used an out-of-the-box template. Maybe you’ve shelled out a few bucks to get someone else to put it together. Maybe you spent a whole lot of money […]

Serving the Community a Taste of the World in Fenton Village

The Client ┬áThe Silver Spring Citizen’s Advisory Board. The Situation In 2011, the CAB kicked off an event called Taste the World in Fenton Village. It was basically a restaurant crawl across a few blocks of Silver Spring adjacent to the “official” Downtown area. Fenton Village is populated by a diverse mix of mom & […]

Splash of Color Designs – A Full Ecommerce Site in About a Week

Every now and then, odd circumstances present themselves and the near-impossible has to be done. In this case, it involved building a full ecommerce site from scratch so it could be ready to take some orders for Christmas gifts. Not that much of a problem if the request had come in around October. That, of course, wasn’t the case here. Nope, the request came in right at the beginning of December.

Restaurant Websites Miss Their Target

Over on Slate, an article popped up that seriously took many restaurant websites to task. The main complaint? Users can’t easily get to the information they want. Sadly, this is true of many websites in a number of different industries, but like Farhad Manjoo (the author of the Slate article), I’ve noticed it a lot […]